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Why Ketamine:

IV ketamine infusions offer the possibility of rapid relief from suffering.

  • Good efficacy: studies and treatment information show ketamine may provide relief for about 75% of patients with even severe and treatment-resistant symptoms.
  • Rapid relief: The effect of ketamine infusions are immediate, with patients often noticing positive results immediately and longer-lasting results after multiple treatments.
  • A long history of safe and effective use: Ketamine has been used in anesthesia for decades. It has a demonstrated history of safe and effective use.
  • The possibility of long-lasting relief: The long-term benefits of ketamine therapies are not well studied, but studies and treatment results to date suggest the possibility of long-lasting relief from symptoms for some patients after minimal treatments and for most patients with a series of treatments followed by maintenance treatments.
  • When nothing else has worked: Ketamine is shown to provide relief for those with even severe, treatment-resistant symptoms.

It is important to note that this should not be considered an exhaustive list of considerations for undertaking ketamine infusion therapies. Ketamine is a serious anesthetic. It should be administered by appropriately-trained professionals. Risks with anesthesia, as with any medical procedure, may be significant. Patients should undertake ketamine infusion therapies in consultation with their doctor.


Why Lone Star Infusion, PLLC: 

We are focused on providing excellent, compassionate care.

  • Administration by an Anesthesiologist/Anesthetist: Administration and monitoring by a board-certified and licensed Anesthesiologist/Anesthetist with training and experience in these anesthetic agents and in patient comfort and safety during anesthesia.
  • High Dosing: High dosing consistent with studies and treatment results for maximum efficacy while remaining appropriate for an outpatient setting.
  • Outpatient Treatments: Outpatient procedures provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to in-patient treatments
  • Focus on Safety: Including continuous monitoring throughout the infusion.
  • Attention to patient comfort: Your comfort during the procedure is important and we are able to provide adjunct medicines during infusions, as appropriate, for patient comfort and safety.
  • A welcoming experience: We provide a welcoming and comfortable experience for your procedure including convenient access from I-10, easy parking, private treatment rooms, comfortable chairs, and a peaceful environment.
  • Confidential: From the private rooms to our attention to patient records, your privacy is important to us.
  • Partners in your care: We are committed to working with you and your referring physician to achieve the best possible outcomes.


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