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Ketamine Infusion Therapy located in Houston, TX

In 2015 Dr. Allison Wells founded the first ketamine clinic in Houston, TX. Lone Star Infusion was developed to help people who are suffering from severe mood disorders and neuropathic pain. At the time, there was no option in the Houston area to pursue ketamine infusion therapies outside of occasional and limited academic studies.

Since 2015, Lone Star Infusion has performed thousands of infusions — refining the practice for the benefit of its patients from the Houston area and from around the United States. The practice is extremely proud of its work; patients say their treatments have allowed them to recover from severe depression, get back to work, resolve their crippling post-traumatic stress disorder, keep pain at bay, and overall, see some light in the darkness.

Providers of these services have increased rapidly in Houston and nationwide. Dr. Wells and her team are leaders in the field, adding to research and incorporating the latest findings for the best treatment possible. Lone Star Infusion is designed especially around its patients’ needs and offers the highest value of care.

Why Ketamine:

IV ketamine infusions offer the possibility of rapid relief from suffering.

It is important to note that this should not be considered an exhaustive list of considerations for undertaking ketamine infusion therapies. Ketamine is a serious anesthetic. It should be administered by appropriately-trained professionals. Risks with anesthesia, as with any medical procedure, may be significant. Patients should undertake ketamine infusion therapies in consultation with their doctor.

Why Lone Star Infusion, PLLC

We are focused on providing excellent, compassionate care.


Words from our patients

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    "After his first infusion, we saw immediate results. He just completed his series of 6 and we are hopeful that he will continue to improve."

    Dianna B.
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    "After several months of Ketamine, I have zero side effects and noticeable improvement. As for the IV, it amazes me still after several sessions that it goes smoothly."

    Verified Patient
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    "This organization is extremely professional while remaining personable. They are easy to communicate with and I would highly recommend them to any individual."

    Adam K.
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    "Treatment environment is excellent and the infusions are definitely helping with my trigeminal neuralgia pain. Everyone has provided superior care."

    Heather C.
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    "Ketamine infusions at Lone Star saved my life and greatly reduced the debilitating symptoms of my depression and PTSD. Dr. Wells is incredibly knowledgeable."

    Kathryn W.
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    "The ketamine infusion gave me very significant relief from my severe stomach pain! Dr. Wells was extremely knowledgable and, yet, very compassionate."

    Erin L.


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