Sustaining Results


How to sustain your results:

Ketamine treatments are an exceptional option for mood disorders and some pain conditions, often providing rapid and lasting reduction of symptoms. Results can be maintained through regular maintenance treatments from time to time as appropriate.

A series of infusions followed by maintenance treatments provides greater and longer-lasting relief - with each subsequent infusion in a series building upon the last. We typically start with a series of 6 infusions over several weeks followed by maintenance treatments as-needed - with maintenance treatments typically starting about every 3 to 5 weeks. The number and frequency of treatments is variable from patient to patient, but we recommend that you expect to pursue a series, as we consistently see the best results from patients who do so.

For more information on how and when to sustain results with ketamine:


Adjunct Resources:

The items below may help you in their own right and may help improve the results you receive from ketamine treatments.


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  photo of Lone Star Infusion


  photo of Lone Star Infusion


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Bipolar Disorder

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Other Symptoms


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