Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy at Lone Star Infusion


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a particularly useful tool in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mood disorders. KAP is the integration of psychotherapy and ketamine treatments – which are each effective for many people. When used together they may extend or improve your results.

At Lone Star Infusion we offer KAP for the benefit of our patients. Treating depression, anxiety and other mood disorders is often very difficult. KAP may be an especially effective tool to improve your results.



Psychotherapy is not required to see excellent results from ketamine treatments, but it may help.

One of the most common and reliable ways to improve mental health is to use psychotherapy or talk therapy. Psychotherapy will likely improve the results that you would otherwise see from ketamine treatments.

One of the ways that psychotherapy can help is by providing an opportunity to process the experiences of the ketamine treatments themselves.

Research into KAP and other forms of psychedelic assisted psychotherapies is limited but growing. The existing research to date shows good results.


Why It Works

There are probably several reasons why psychotherapy goes well with ketamine treatments:

  1. • Good therapy is good for you. In other words, talk therapy typically helps people in a wide variety of situations, including depression and anxiety. Adding therapy is probably good at any time, including when undergoing ketamine treatments.
  2. • The best information we have suggests that ketamine increases a patient’s neuroplasticity, helping to escape unhealthy ruminations or ruts, and permitting you to be more receptive to new ways of thinking. This means that therapy sessions may, in theory, be particularly effective around ketamine treatments.
  3. • Ketamine infusions provide clinically significant reduction of negative symptoms for about 70% of patients – even helping those with severe and treatment-resistant symptoms. When you’re experiencing positive changes, that is an excellent time to keep the positive momentum going as much as possible with positive lifestyle changes and strategies like KAP or other talk therapies.
  4. • Insights and themes can emerge from ketamine sessions that can be helpful to explore in a therapeutic setting.



We recommend a series of therapy appointments scheduled loosely around your initial series of ketamine infusions. Patients typically schedule 3 appointments for therapy around their initial series of ketamine treatments.

After the initial series of therapy appointments and ketamine infusions, you can decide how to move forward in consultation with the therapist and the practitioners at Lone Star Infusion.



Therapy can be provided remotely or in-person.
In-person appointments are provided at the Lone Star Infusion clinic:
14740 Barryknoll Lane #140
Houston, TX 77079



KAP is $200 / hour. Each appointment is typically 1 hour.


Provider Biography

Lori Fiester, LCSW-S, ADS. CIP, CDWF, is a native Texan, graduated with a Bachelor of Social work from the University of Texas at El Paso and earned her Masters of Social Work at the University of Houston. Lori’s professional career that has spanned 30+ years, has been focused on helping families and those struggling with addiction. Currently, she is the Clinical Director at the Council on Recovery and has a private practice.


Lori’s specialties include addiction, trauma, family of origin, LGBTQ+ issues, grief and codependency.
Lori works in collaboration with Lone Star Infusion.


Is this required?

No, you do not need to sign up for KAP to receive ketamine treatments. However, for most people, it will likely be helpful. 

You may choose to pursue psychotherapy through Lone Star Infusion, on your own, or not at all.


Next Steps

To get started with KAP, talk with us at any time.


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