Ketamine Treatments and Your Team of Doctors

Much of modern medicine relies on doctors and other health care professionals working together in coordinated teams of experts – each person doing what they do best to take the best care of the patient. Ketamine therapies should follow the same model, and it just makes good sense to have an anesthesiologist administer your ketamine treatments.

We live in an age of increasing specialization. While there is inevitable overlap between what doctors can and will do, most doctors’ knowledge and experience includes a broad base, or foundation, and a great deal of specialization in one particular area:

These and other specialists need to work as a team – coordinating with each other when appropriate. They can be most effective in providing patient care when they have an ability and willingness to collaborate.

I wrote this blog post because some people wonder why they should see an anesthesiologist for treatments for their depression, anxiety, PTSD or pain diagnoses. There are also examples of doctors in news articles who question why anesthesiologists provide IV infusion therapies. I think the answer is clear – that the team approach to medicine is best, and that anesthesiologists are the most appropriate doctors to be delivering infusion therapies.

When you and your doctors identify ketamine infusions as an appropriate therapy, I urge you to look for the best team for your care. Look for professionals who are the appropriate specialists, who are good at what they do, and who work together with you and other specialists as an effective team.

Dr Allison Wells

About Me: I’m Dr Allison Wells. I started Lone Star Infusion, PLLC to provide infusion therapies – focused on ketamine infusion therapy and focused principally on Houston and surrounding areas of Texas. I am a licensed, board-certified anesthesiologist. I am super passionate about being a partner in helping people feel their best with evidence-based medicine.

An Important Disclaimer: the information in this and other blog posts represents my informed opinion or the opinion of others, and does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon to make decisions regarding medical care. To address the specific details of your medical conditions and treatments please speak with your doctors.

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