Rapid Relief for Postpartum Depression

Ketamine offers the possibility of rapid reduction of depressive symptoms, and may be an excellent option for people struggling with postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression can be severe and sudden. It isn’t usually a great time to have to wait weeks and weeks for a typical antidepressant to begin working. Typical antidepressants can also include possible risks for breastfeeding children such as metabolites of the drugs passing to the baby though breast milk. These potential complications may even compound feelings of inadequacy and ultimately worsen the depression.

Although typically employed for treatment-resistant symptoms ketamine infusion therapies may be an appropriate treatment for postpartum depression that avoids some of the common problems associated with traditional antidepressants.

Ketamine may be an excellent choice for mothers with postpartum depression, even for depression right after delivery. If you or someone you know is struggling with postpartum depression, consider ketamine infusion therapy as an option. Its what we do and we’d be pleased to help if appropriate.

Dr. Allison Wells


About Me, Dr Allison Wells: I started Lone Star Infusion to provide infusion therapies for depression, PTSD, pain and more – focused on ketamine infusion therapy and focused on Houston and surrounding areas of Texas. I am a licensed, board-certified anesthesiologist. I am super passionate about being a partner in helping people feel their best with evidence-based medicine.

An Important Disclaimer: The information in this and other blog posts represents my informed opinion or the opinion of others, and does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon to make decisions regarding medical care. To address the specific details of your medical conditions and treatments please speak with your doctors.

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