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16 Apr: Sustaining Results With Ketamine Treatments

The results of ketamine treatments for mood disorders – including depression, anxiety and PTSD – can be sustained over time through a combination of infusions in a series and maintenance treatments on a periodic basis. What the Studies Show: There is a significant body of research on ketamine including its uses, results, side effects, and abuse. There is little to…

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11 Apr: Ketamine for Depression – Our Results

For treating depression with ketamine infusions: This study reviewing our results shows an overall response rate above 70% for patients who receive an initial series of treatments either once a week or twice a week. PDF: The Effect of Ketamine Infusion Treatment Schedule on Depression Severity Your Schedule of Treatments: This detailed look at our results shows a significant reduction…

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08 Mar: How Does Ketamine Work?

How does ketamine work in the body? The short answer is that we don’t know, which is very common in medicine – we don’t know exactly how a lot of drugs work. We do know that ketamine produces important and useful effects. What Ketamine Does: There are lots of things we do know: We know that ketamine can rapidly reduce…

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13 Feb: Adjusting Doses with Ketamine Treatments

  At Lone Star Infusion, we find that getting an appropriate, individualized dose appears to impact the quality of the results. It does not seem to be particularly important that patients have a ‘wonderful’ or ‘spiritual’ experience, although many patients say they do and we work to make the experience comfortable. What seems to matter is finding a good range…

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06 Feb: The Value of the Psychedelic Experience with Ketamine Treatments

  Psychedelics continue to show excellent results in treating depression, anxiety and PTSD. Ketamine is available for administration in clinical settings. Does the psychedelic experience matter during an infusion, or is it simply important to get the drug? The many different psychedelics: A variety of novel and ancient psychedelic substances have been examined in clinical research programs for their effects…

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22 Jan: Benzodiazepines, Alcohol and Ketamine Treatments

  Ketamine is a tremendous and game-changing treatment option for mood disorders including depression, anxiety and PTSD. There are a few things that appear to make low-dose ketamine treatments less effective – notably benzodiazepines (often called benzos) and alcohol use. Benzodiazepines, like Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and others are commonly prescribed as anti-anxiety medications and sleeping pills. Also, as the ability…

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19 Jan: Ketamine with Other Treatments for Depression

  Some medications and procedures for depression can’t be combined easily. But ketamine can be added to other treatments and, in fact, we often recommend combining ketamine infusion therapies with other treatments for longer-lasting depression relief. There aren’t many contraindications for the use of ketamine and ketamine therapy does not disrupt the majority of other common treatments typical to our…

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12 Jan: What to Do with Advice on How to Be Happy

How are we supposed to think about an article, like this one below, that posits that depression and anxiety are primarily caused by structural imbalances in the way we live our lives, such as structural problems like being the janitor instead of the CEO: “Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?” Johann Hari theguardian.com Published 01/07/18 Here’s what…

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06 Jan: Ketamine versus New Derivative Drugs for Depression

  Despite new drugs being developed based on the success of ketamine, it looks like conventional ketamine treatments may remain the best option. As research and clinical results have increasingly demonstrated that low-dose ketamine is effective in treating depression over the last couple decades, a host of derivative drugs have been developed. Some are versions of ketamine. Others use what…

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14 Sep: CRPS/RSD and Ketamine Treatments

  Intense, chronic pain can be debilitating. Many CRPS/RSD patients have lost jobs, friends and family relationships due to their illness. Many have been forced to give up activities they love and most also suffer with anxiety and depression related to their condition. Physicians and researchers are still puzzled by this what causes this disease and how to treat it….